Veronica Vitale MUA x Avon Italia

I will tell you my experience in Sanremo with Avon Italia at Casa Kiss Kiss

As I write this article I am overwhelmed with the incredible memories I have collected in this week of work.

On Saturday 3rd, my colleague and I arrive at Casa Kiss Kiss to set up the corner "Avon Backstage" with all the Avon products needed to deal with the Festival di Sanremo week. The city is already in great motion and in the air you can breathe the crackling frenzy of the most important week.
We are immediately warmly welcomed in Casa Kiss Kiss, a family atmosphere that makes us immediately feel- precisely- at home..

On Sunday 4th, we start our first actual day of work, doing make-up to about a hundred people among radio speakers Kiss Kiss, members of Rai advertising and visitors. Doing make-up on so many people in such a short time was a precious exercise for me, which allowed me to learn instantly what colors to use on the person in front of me and to make PERFECT lips in just a few minutes. Thanks also to the quality of Avon products that made my job easier!
The motivating factor, which pushed me to give the best of myself, was the kindness and charm that people have shown towards our work, giving us priceless reactions when they saw themselves with their make-up done.

Every day at Casa Kiss Kiss was held the inevitable aperitif of 6 p.m, which marked the end of work and the beginning of carefree. We danced, sang, drank and ate. Here we met most of the competing singers with whom we took photos and videos.

The week continued under the banner of good humor, serenity, intense work yes, but always shared in solidarity with my colleague Kris. Every day in the Avon Backstage corner we saw our favorite artists, influencers, actors and presenters pass by.
It was a succession of emotions that kept me active and happy to be in the right place to do the job I love.

And so the week flies; doing make-up to 60-70 people each day, gifting all of them with Avon hydramatic lipsticks, writing product sheets used, exchanging contacts, laughter, chatter and advice. It arrives Saturday night and we begin unwillingly to dismantle our corner, to re-pack all the products, aware that the next day we would return to normality. After celebrating with the last aperitif we greet everyone, hoping that it was a goodbye.

Looking back on this incredible week, I can only be grateful to have worked in Sanremo in such a serene and positive environment, I learned so much and known so much but above all I grew so much, professionally and personally. I brought a bit of myself and my style away from home, and this for me is the greatest satisfaction!.

As I always say " This is just the beginning"...
Ad Maiora